Polyester – PET

Polyester – PET (Available in Gloss, Matte or Satin)

Gloss:  Excellent clarity and gloss.  Better scuff and scratch resistance than other films.  This is the best film for heat and chemical resistance.

Matte:  The matting agents are dispersed throughout the film, and therefore, offer much better scuff resistance.  The matte film has a slightly higher gloss when compared to Matte OPP.  The Matte PET tends to make the darker colors appear “Milky” or washed out.

Satin:  A little glossier than the Matte PET, but with less distortion of the colors.  This is the most expensive of the matte films.

Most Common Applications:  Case Bound Books ∼ POP Displays ∼ Pocket Folders & ID Cards. 

Best for high demand, long-term applications